🦃 Tips for a Healthier Holiday 🦃

1. Give yourself permission to eat without guilt or consequence. It’s Thanksgiving, literally the main event is food. You are allowed to enjoy it and eat what you want.

2. Listen to your body and stop when you are full. It’s not fun being uncomfortably full.

3. Going on a walk on thanksgiving or the day after will help with digestion and feeling less sluggish.

4. But don’t starve yourselve or kill yourself with a workout the next day. The one Thanksgiving Day of eating won’t hurt any progress just like the one killer next day workout won’t give you a six pack.

5. You’re allowed to avoid and/or say no to people who hurt your mental health, even if their family.

Lastly, a healthy lifestyle is one that includes the foods you love and movement that makes your body feel good. Diet and exercise shouldn’t make you feel deprived or beaten down. If you’re in the latter group, message me and let’s get you out of that shitty grind and living a happier life.

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