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Four years ago I took a leap and launched Katie Winn Fitness after over a decade in the health and fitness industry. To celebrate four years, I’m leading #AWeekofWinns, a 7 day free challenge that includes 4 short but effective at home workouts paired with simple but massive action to jumpstart your journey to a fitter healthier you.

Together we will 

  • master how to modify exercises to get results without going to the gym
  • learn how to make exercise happen regardless of life’s challenges
  • create a plan for continuing your success beyond the week


How it works

The goal is consistency – find your windows to workout and get it done. Struggle with finding the time? I got you! We’ll cover how to make exercise happen during this challenge.  

You’ll receive all four workouts in your inbox on Sunday, July 16th.  Over the 7 days you’ll receive daily emails with exercise modifications, consistency tips, and other bonus content to elevate your results.

The workouts are busy season friendly! They can be modified to last 10, 20, or 30 minutes and still be effective. Start the week with deciding how much time you can dedicate to each workout then make it happen. Workouts will require one set of dumbbells and can be done at home or the gym.

Challenge participants will have VIP access to birthday celebration deals not available to the public. To celebrate your consistency at the end of the 7 days and build momentum from the challenge, you’ll have access to the best opportunities to continuing your progress.

You in? Sign up below. 

What you get

4 Workouts

You’ll receive all four workouts to kick off the week. Each workout is at home friendly and can be modified to 10, 20, or 30 minutes so they are doable regardless of how much time you have.

Private Facebook Group

Ask questions, find bonuses, live trainings will all be held in the private Facebook group for participatants.

7 Days of Emails

Easily keep up with what you’re supposed to be doing with the challenge with daily email wrap up and bonus training tips.

Exclusive birthday celebration deals

Challenge participants will get exclusive access to the training specials offered to celebrate Katie Winn Fitness birthday.

Meet ME

Hey there!

I’m Katie Winn Sarbacker! After over a decade in the health and fitness world I founded Katie Winn Fitness as a way to reach more women in the way they needed. My journey through retiring from the dance world to embarking on an unexpectedly long and tumultuous infertility journey, I saw firsthand the need for flexibility and grace in the health and fitness world. It’s not all about the number on the scale and visibility of your abs.

Over my years of working with clients and my own goals, I developed the Winn Health and Fitness System to allow clients to reach their goals, without sacrificing their favorite foods, getting up at 5 am, or adding stress and anxiety to their already hectic lives. I understand the struggles life can throw at us. I’m here to help you become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself while giving you the tools to sustain your results no matter what life brings.

Quick Facts:

  • BA in Dance and a BS in Public Relations
  • Certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Spartan SGX Certified to provide specialized training for those interested in Spartan and other obstacle course races
  • Online Personal Training Certification through Online Trainer Academy to provide streamlined and effective training through virtual methods
  • Mom to Arlo after 5 years of infertility, miscarriage, multiple surgeries, IVF, PCOS, and pregnancy complications resulting in an 87 day NICU stay.
  • Wife of Carl, a nurse and super dad – we love going on hikes and outdoor adventure but never ignore the importance of rest.
  • Avid hiker and aspiring feral woman, committed to raising my son wild and kind.


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