Train with Katie

How to work with me

I currently offer several training options designed to help you reach your goals regardless of where you are now. I am based in Greenville, SC but focus primarily on virtual training. Ready to make a change? Click here to fill out the client application form to see how we can work together to reach your goals.

Fill out the Client Application Form

Are you ready to reach your goals? Fill out the client application form to get started. I’m currently taking on beta testing clients to participate in a new program at a discounted rate. I look forward to hearing what you hope to accomplish and helping you make a plan!


Individual Training

Train one on one virtualy or with my hybrid model; specially designed to fit your needs. Packages starting at $175/month.

Group Training

Join the 75 Hard as a Mother challenge and change your life alongside other motivated women.

Corporate Bootcamps

Support a healthy lifestyle and build comraderie among your staff with a corporate bootcamp. I specialize in Spartan race prep bootcamps; perfect for team building.

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