🌲”I don’t want to be strong, like man who look pretty. I want to be strong, like bitch that fight bears in the forest.”🐻⁠

You know what feels better than a number on the scale? Being able to drag a mutha effin packed trailer around your backyard with ease. Numbers and visuals get a lot of attention when it comes to progress, and that’s ok, but think about how much of living your life doesn’t require a certain weight or look? ⁠

The number on the scale doesn’t directly help you pick up your child with ease. Or carry your groceries inside in fewer trips. Or climb a flight of stairs without worrying if people can hear you fighting for your life. ⁠

I love seeing clients lose weight, inches, and dress sizes….but the non scale victories? That’s the real good stuff. The first can help with confidence, but the latter is what has the biggest impact. That’s what I love about this story from a client. They won’t remember what they weighed that day, but they’ll remember that they were strong and capable when they needed to be.⁠

The rest of this month I want to highlight some of my favorite client moments of the past year. 2022 is just around the corner and I’m accepting clients who want to see progress like this. I have a limited number of spots available and am only accepting online clients as this time.(Gotta soak up the bébé cuddles while I can 🥰) With online training you receive more support than in person training, without requiring you to travel to a gym. ⁠

If you’re a woman who whispers to themselves “I need to get my shit together,” and is ready to make a change, send me DM asking for details.


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